Enfants de Cusco



Enfants de Cusco (Children of Cusco) is a humanitarian non-profit association, founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1978.

The goals of the  association to help underprivileged children, families with children in need, or institutions with the purpose of caring for children in Cusco, Peru.

Until 1992, the money raised in Switzerland was devoted to the purchase of medicine, food, kitchen utensils, diapers, clothing, school supplies, blankets, sheets or dental equipment, etc.

The monitoring of funding several institutions at the same time became difficult to manage. The association  therefore decided to create and manage its own project .

In February 1992 Children of Cusco bought a house with 12 rooms in Cusco and focused its efforts in creating a local Peruvian NGO named 'Niños del Cusco'. This allowed the opening in August 1992 of the Centre for Rehabilitation and Nutritional Education (CRIEN).