Foundation "Together"



The Foundation “TOGETHER”- Regional Centre for the Psychosocial Well-being of Children has been initiated as an idea to protect and improve the psychosocial well-being of children in areas which have been affected by armed conflict, war, terrorist attack, natural disaster or technical accidents, and by its unfavourable social consequences they bring.

The Foundation "TOGETHER" realizes its mission, which includes ensuring a better future for children and contributes to peace and stability, by activating Slovene and international professional and material resources. It was founded in February 2002 by The Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Nongovernmental organization Slovene Philanthropy and City of Ljubljana.

The mission of the Foundation “TOGETHER” is to activate Slovene and international help resources in the countries of the region and on the wider scale to ensure a better future for children and contribute to the peace and stability in the region and wider, through activities intended for the well-being of children. The programs it is executing are becoming a recognisable and a sought after form of development assistance.