GPM SA is a professional, independent partner whose primary concerns are transparency and efficiency in working with their clients to negotiate the best possible conditions between themselves and the banks and funding sources with whom they collaborate.

Additionally, their tariff policy is also completely transparent and in accordance with delivered results, with particularly favorable terms being offered to associations and foundations in the non-profit sector. Indeed, GPM SA wishes to actively participate in the best possible managament of these entities' finances by optimizing the performance of their financial assets, thus allowing them to fully realize the potential of their projects.

Created June 14, 2001 in Lausanne, GPM - Asset Management SA is modulated wealth management registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Vaud and member of the ASG (Swiss Association of Asset Managers, Zurich and Geneva).

GPM was founded by Mireille Delachaux to manage portfolios of clientele which is true for many years. Until May 2008 Dear Delachaux worked in partnership with Messrs Alexander Kuhn and René Sieber, founders and directors of Dynagest SA in Geneva, active in bond management and quantitative management for professional and institutional clients. In May 2008, Catherine Guyonvarc'h joined the Company as a member of the Board. Since late 2008, Ms. Guyonvarc'h is majority shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The share capital of the company is wholly owned by its two heads. Thereby GPM operates independently and objectively and in the best interest strict respect of its customers. Client assets are deposited in bank accounts with custodians selected by mutual agreement with the customer. GPM benefits include asset management and global asset management, company law prohibiting provision on the accounts of its customers.