From the oasis to Oasys

After travelling the world in a management capacity, Jacques Bussy, who speaks French, German, Spanish, Portugese and English, founded Oasys Suisse in 2007, as an autonomous entity of Oasys France, with two branches, one in Lausanne and one in Geneva.

Jacques Bussy is naturally audacious and courageous and has a constant desire to create, to take pleasure in his work and to transmit his enthusiasm. He therefore surrounds himself with able, experienced partners who can communicate his values, which have become those of  Oasys: high quality services, commitment, caring, generosity and passion.

Oasys is like an oasis without the I, but with a y to illustrate the crossroads and the junctions leading to new paths and new professional prospects: a bridge between past and future.

Support during change

Oasys offers complete global and multidisciplinary support for career transitions and coaching thanks to its highly qualified and experienced consultants who are passionate about their work and well-known in their sectors.

Oasys enables its clients to take control of their professional destinies by using very high level, systemic procedures.

Oasys responds rapidly, with both flexibility and enthusiasm to its clients' requirements.

The Oasys consultants are entirely dedicated to providing support to companies and individuals in the changes they must confront.