Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre (OTEPIC)



OTEPIC is a community led organization in the Rift Valley, Kenya seeking to provide safe drinking water, improved hygiene, sanitation, food sovereignty through permaculture, clean energy and peace prevalence. Since its inception OTEPIC has made great progress in helping local people integrate proven organic methods into small scale food production. Over 2,500 participants from approximately 25 community groups have trained in ecological farming practices, integrating this knowledge in their farms and gardens. OTEPIC promotes grassroots initiatives such as growing portable gardens, making charcoal briquettes, building solar food dryers, advocating for humane animal treatment, educating about nutrition for HIV/AIDS plus, organizing trash clean up days.
In 2009, OTEPIC developed the ‘Learning Garden,’ in Mitume. This is a small demonstration garden used for ‘hands on education’ and organic food production. A committed group of young volunteers care for the garden, reaping the harvest. A second larger farm demonstration farm is in Bidii which also we sink one borehole which is providing water to many people in the community.
We understand that any commitment to transforming communities must have at its core, health and hygiene promotion and clean safe water is a central plank. Lasting change in the health of individuals and communities can only occur when levels of health awareness and understandings are increased. There is recognition of the need for participatory community development which engages and empowers individuals, families and communities in taking ownership of their health. Alongside, the provision of equipment and carrying out structural work, Youth CREW, which is an OTEPIC outreach programme department, of young people using theatre, dance and art to pass on information to communities, will be providing a customized, comprehensive solution to the Sabwani Community and surrounding district.