Capacity Development in Medical emergency care

Capacity Development in Medical emergency care
Non-elected projects
Minimum CHF 1000. One Emergency medical Kit – 250 CHF
Minimum 4 weeks
Applicant Name: 
Mr. Madut Akol


The Sudan Integrated Mine Action Service (SIMAS) proposes creating a pool of trained and accredited medics for humanitarian needs.
SIMAS has identified a national medical instructor who is licensed by both SSDC (Southern Sudan Demining Commission) and UNMAO (United Nations Mine Action Office) to deliver required training enabling the trained personnel to apply for technical accreditation. Upon accreditation, a number of trained medics will be employed by SIMAS, while the rest will be absorbed by national Demining Commission or other NGOs.

This is a cost-effective way to achieve the objective, yet to the highest standards in mine action industry.

The objectives will be to:

  • Train national medics for humanitarian operations in South Sudan.
  • Increase effectiveness of national mine action capacities.
  • Develop South Sudanese capacity in this vital segment of demining.
  • Mobilize the trained personnel for mine clearance operations immediately.

The training will comprise of:


Vacancy will be announced in local radio stations and news papers. 10 currently unemployed paramedics with minimum three years of working experience and the knowledge of using medical equipment will be selected by the instructor in consultation with SIMAS country management and SSDC – Time frame: 2 weeks.

Production of training materials

The training instructor will prepare necessary material and obtain technical approval of the training program from SSDC and UNMAO. All training material will be prepared locally, by SIMAS – Time frame: 2 weeks (will run parallel with recruitment activities).


4 weeks combination of theoretical and practical teaching. The trainees will be trained in:

  • Introduction to mines/UXO (unexploded ordnance) clearance operations.
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Trauma management
  • Casualty evacuation