Chicken and duck farming

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CHF 2,000
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4 months
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Miguel Ampush Chamikag - Communauté Autoctone Aguaruna


In Peru, there are 1750 recognized indigenous communities with land titles in the Amazon territory. The population is 350,000 inhabitants (INEI, 2007). Aguarunas is a community recognized north of the Peruvian Amazon. Over the past four decades, the region experiences increasingly acute food shortages due to the uncontrolled consumption of natural resources.
Communities manage to retain the title to their communal lands. However, this status does not facilitate access to credit, and the occasional aid from the government or those external entities are not sufficient. As a result, friction occurs between people.

This requires a deeper reflection on the development of plans and / or programs that offer practical solutions primarily with small budgets. One proposal is poultry (see next section). A project on this scale empowers people and makes them the protagonists of change, primarily in terms of domestic supply.

Project Goal

Buy eggs, chicken, ducks and poultry in general for farming using ancestral use "Untsuumuat". Since ancient times, women use this process for this type of work.


10 families of women in the Ipacuma Community will take charge of chickens.
10 families of women in the Kigkis Community will take care of ducks.

In summary

Direct beneficiaries: 20 families of women
Indirect beneficiaries: 100 families Families in charge of the project will work in a coordinated way supervised by the local government Condorcanqui specialist.


Revenues, technical assistance, training from the local government, the extension of loans from live birds to other families, are relevant factors of sustainability.

Organization and production

  1. There is available land of 20,000 m2 including 10,000 m2 for the breeding of chickens, and 10,000 m2 for the ducks
  2. 20 families of adult women will distribute the work: 10 families for chickens, 10 families for ducks
  3. Technical assistance, supervision and training will be provided by the local government Condorcanqui
  4. Those responsible for the accounting will be ALDEA
  5. 400 units of chickens and 400 units of ducks will be bought in the production center of the city of Bagua
  6. Vaccines will be purchased
  7. Transport costs and management will be paid