Education for the rehabilitation of victims of trafficking and sexual violence

Education for the rehabilitation of victims of trafficking and sexual violence
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3000 CHF
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3 months from receipt of funds
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Casa Alianza - Emilie Anderson


Objective Of Global Project

Since 2012, La Alianza has implemented an internal program of education which proposes to all the residents in Alianza, directly in the centre, school classes, adapted to their level. These classes enable the girls who have been taken out from various trafficking networks or who need to be hidden during a certain period to catch up with education system. Between 2012 and 2013, thanks to this education program, 89 girls were integrated in the educational system.

The children and adolescents, as the majority of the Guatemalan population, have often a restricted access to reading and a very low motivation to develop reading habits. Providing readings adapted to their age, to their interest and to their development level is fundamental to the education of the children. For this reason, a small library has been set up in La Alianza providing necessary basic books adapted to the different education level so as to support the girls in their education process and to open them to the reading and information research habit.

Today, the association would like to enable these girls to have access to a more important set of education material so as to get a solid general knowledge about the world and other cultures and to get a chance to discover other ways of thinking through books, reading, films and through innovative methods such as e-books, video conferences or games.

Thus, this project is proposing to extend the library and to transform it as a multimedia library and to furnish a small films projection area so as to respond to the formal and informal education needs of these girls.

This project should benefit to at least 34 girls and adolescents, aged between 12 and 18 years and beneficiaries of La Alianza rehabilitation programme. All of them come from poor or extremely poor families and from rural communities. The majority of the beneficiaries did not have access to primary education when they arrive in La Alianza or have been to school only very few years. Some of the girls are illiterate. All the girls who are resident in La Alianza have been victims of different types of offences such as sexual abuse by members of their family, sexual exploitation or trafficking. Some of the girls are pregnant and have been infected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Outcome expected:

  - The girls and adolescents show an interest to their readings, are more incline to discuss about different issues and show a larger open-mindness;

  - The girls and adolescents are provided with more learning tools and improve their formal and informal learning process;

  -The girls and adolescents have all the necessary information material to prepare their homework and thus strengthen their education success chances.

The indicators used to measure the success:

  - Amount of books read during the year by the girls and the adolescents;

  - Amount of girls who are showing evidence of a good understanding of the readings realised during the reading circles organised regularly;

  - Level of reasoning of the girls and adolescents around films seen or cultural activities organised inside or outside the centre.