Empowering Myanmar Women with Employment Opportunities (EMWEO)

Empowering Myanmar Women with Employment Opportunities
Non-elected projects
Minimum CHF 1,000. One kit per family around CHF 500 (sewing machine and start up kit)
Minimum 15 days
Applicant Name: 
Mrs Ma Nilar OO E-mail address : oo.manilar@gmail.com


Empowering Myanmar Women with Employment Opportunities (EMWEO) project is the first pilot project of the Myat Myanmar (MMM) Assistance Organization that has been established in the recent past.
This project aims at helping the Myanmar women to be developed in securing their daily food problem, and improve their way of thinking and living standard.

EMWEO project will provide vocational training to the women in high poverty particularly single mothers, young women who are at risk of violence, being trafficked or exploited. Moreover, EMWEO project will also involve some girls and women repatriated by and in support of Department of Social Welfare, who are deprived of movement living in Women's home because some of them have no home to return, some are expelled from the family or some are grown up by the orphanage school. Those women will be invited in a rotating process group by group monthly.

This project will also set up a workshop that produces handmade products and initiate a handmade product-selling business in the communities mainly in urban areas at the beginning. At a later stage, selling business is to be introduced and expanded in other areas or parts of the country where vulnerable women in those areas can join. The women will earn from this project a small income that will improve their household food security.

Knowledge of all women will be fortified through general knowledge sharing sessions and education programs. EMWEO project will also provide capacity building trainings to the beneficiaries so that they can become self reliant, involve in social network and participatory decision making.