Nyumbani Respite Care Centre

Nyumbani Respite Care Centre
Non-elected projects
USD 3,000
Once funds are received
6 months
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Sister Mary


Children of God Relief Institute was started in 1992 to care for HIV+ orphans who were turned away from ordinary children’s homes because of their status. The mission of Nyumbani is about saving lives.  We outreach to HIV+ orphans, offering them a residential home if they are abandoned on streets or in hospitals. We also offer holistic care to HIV+ children who reside with caregivers in the resource-poor communities surrounding Nairobi. In these latter cases, there is often a child who is so sick and malnourished such that caring for the child at home is problematic.

We have set up a Respite Care Centre at our residential facility, Nyumbani Home, that enables us to offer High Dependency Care to these children so that they can be nursed back to health instead of sending them to hospitals for admission.  Currently our community based care program, called Lea Toto, cares for approximately 3200 HIV+ children. The Respite Care Centre has two levels of care: High Dependency when the child is first admitted to the Respite Care Centre and Post High Dependency Care once the crisis stage is over.  Since its inception in 2009 we have attended to 102 children.  We believe that without the intervention of the Respite Care Centre majority of these children would have died by now.  So the Respite Centre has reduced some of the unnecessary deaths that used to happen at Lea Toto Program.

Research on malnutrition has led to the development of Ready to Use Therapeutic Food, RUTF, a highly nutritious paste-like substance which is sucked out of a tube and is extremely hygienic especially for the totally unhygienic living conditions in slums.  We have access to the Plumpy Nut variety.  We have had great success with Plumpy Nut in Lea Toto since we started using it in September, 2007. Between September 2007 and August 2012, the lives of 102 severely malnourished children have been saved.

As we strive to give the children admitted at the Respite Care Centre the best affordable care we are in dire need of he necessary equipment, medicines and food.