Welcoming centres for children in the Gaza Strip

Welcoming centres for children in the Gaza Strip
Elected projects
2 000 €
From receipt of funds
12 months
Applicant Name: 
Medina Association - Sophie Fasné


  1. Global project’s objectives (Short description)

Overall objective: To support the children’s social balance by reinforcing the access to education, culture and games.

Specific objective: To create light and easily reproducible welcoming facilities for children, boys and girls, outside the school hours, in sectors where they do not exist.

The action foresees the creation of two welcoming centres for children from 4 to 12 in the Gaza Strip. The necessary funds for the first centre have already been obtained.

  1. Part of the project covered by COOW

COOW’s participation will allow finance part of the equipments for the second centre’s activities located in Al Zahra.

  1. Location

The first centre is located in Beit Hanoun, in the north of the Gaza Strip, in Palestinian territory. It will be administrated by the local association Love & Peace, under the supervision of PSSA and Medina.

The second centre is located in Al Zahra, in the middle of the Gaza Strip. It will be administrated by PSSA.

  1. Beneficiaries

Each centre will offer activities and follow 200 registered children for a total of 400 children from 4 to 12.

The children’s families, relieved by the fact that their children are partially being taken care of, will also be concerned by the action.  

The local associations, partners of this project, are also considered as beneficiaries.  

  1. Expected results

The short-term expected results are the following:

  • Children’s welcoming in a nice place, allowing them to construct themselves, to find a psychosocial balance through cultural and playful activities, to project themselves towards a more serene vision of the future;
  • Relief of families who regularly face important difficulties to shelter, distract and socialise their children due to the habitat’s instability and the time spent dealing with daily problems;
  • Regular frequentation of the welcoming centres by 400 children;
  • Children from 4 to 8 are accompanied by an older relative and families are involved in the centres.

The middle-term expected results are the following:

Development of the system from the base of the two centres to other sectors within the Gaza Strip.

  1. Project’s sustainability

The finality of all Medina’s project is to reach autonomy. Therefore, in order for the project to be sustainable, the following actions will be developed:

- The local associations, PSSA and Love & Peace, which carry administratively the action, will aim the centres’ financial autonomy while maintaining a link with Medina, whose team will keep on looking for funding to maintain and expand the project;

- These centres, which are also needed in other sectors, will be promoted as a pilot project, easily reproducible.

  1. Monitoring Methods

The project’s management will be organised locally by Medina’s team and its local partners.

Two field’s mission will be realised by two board’s members.  

The project’s evaluation will be realised based on the following indicators:

  • Number of children registered in each centre, age groups, weekly hours spent in the centres;
  • Number of accompanied children;
  • Average duration of the children’s participation in the centres;
  • Social situation of the children’s families.



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Congratulations for this great project. We wish you a lot of impact with this initiative, and can't wait to get news about it.